Seal® Laparoscopic box

This is a full-size Laparoscopic box suitable for several operations, both minimal invasive and open surgery, typically conducted at Basic Surgical Skills Courses.

Instrument handling
Intra corporeal suturing

Open surgery:
Abdominal opening and closure
Suturing on several skin-layers
Tying at depth
Knot tying

10 450,00 SEK Excluding VAT


Comes as a box including skills training modules consumables and more but exclusive of optical equipment and instruments. No medical devices included.

This laparoscopic box includes a Seal® basic surgical skills trainer to be used inside the box as a module to practice suturing on, it can also be used as a child-size endoscopic box trainer.

The LS-02 kit includes:
1 Endoscopic box
1 Skills training module SCT-03
1 Skills training module BCT-03
1 Skills training module T-02
1 Thick abdominal Wall
4 Suture pads, Vessels and Balloons

The refill kit LSR-02 includes:
1 Abdominal wall
4 Suture pads, Vessels and Balloons

Abdominal wall size approx. 24”x24”x0.4” (600x600x10mm) Suture pad size Approx. 0.1”x12”x12” (3x300x300mm) Approx. shipping size 26”x26”x5” (65x65x13cm) Standard shipping weight Approx. 22 lb (10 Kg)