Seal® Mobile Surgical Skills Lab

Stay organized and mobile with 8 units of the Seal® Surgical skills training models neatly organized in a protective wheeled case. With this compact mobile surgical skills lab you can travel with ease and set up a workshop for 16 students in less than 30 minutes.

Opening and closure of the abdominal wall
Knot tying techniques
Tying at depth

22 000,00 SEK Excluding VAT


Each protective roller case includes 8 sets of our highly appreciated multi functional basic surgical skills training model and offers a wide range of training applications.

All the included training material is easily accessible and neatly organized in a professional wheeled protective case.

There is also extra space available for your sutures, instruments and media.

The MSS-LAB with 8 sets of Seal® training model T-02 includes:
32 Suture pads
64 Vessels and 64 Balloons
16 Two-coloured knot-tying cords
3 Organizers with components

The exclusive protective case has an innovative functionality and truly user- friendly design.

Exterior Dimensions
Cm 41.4 W x 71.9 H x 45.7 D Inch 16.3” W x 28.3” H x 18” D
Weight approx. 22.5kg/49.6lb

Complete Refill-Kit (for all 8 included training models) # MSS-LABR
8×4 Suture pads: Brown, Beige, White and Red. 64 Vessels and 64 Balloons

Refill kit for one training model # TR-02
4 Suture pad: Brown, Beige, White and Red. 8 Vessels 8 Balloons
Refill materials are also sold individually.